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Hey all-Now with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis, are legal. As such, I was wondering if anyone knows where one could get Pax Era Pods online with the legal amount of CDB/THC, and that they ship them to any state? Pax Era | Shop | Sava Device + pod = vape pen. For use with Pax Era Pods. The Lab | Live Resin Pods Exclusively for Pax Era

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CBD-only pods for Pax Era? : CBD - reddit I'm very new to CBD and brand new to vaping, but looking to try CBD to alleviate severe anxiety. My husband has a Pax Era pen that I can use, but all of the pods I'm seeing online contain THC and CBD. order pax era pods online. buy pax era pods online

PAX Era Pod loaded with Cannatonic CBD oil. Whole-plant CBD blend infused with cannabis-derived terpenes sourced from the best growers in California.

Pax Era review reveals pods are expeinsive, but cost not justified. Pax Era pods cost double the average market price of typical prefilled THC oil cartridges. The average price for a half gram hash oil cartridge in California cost between $20-$45. The average cost for a half gram Pax Era pod is $40-$70. PAX Full Vape Reviews (PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX Era) In terms of price, if you can find a Pax ERA for sale online the retail price is $29.99, and it comes with a one-year warranty if you order directly from the PAX site. Pax Era Vape Quality The quality (actually we should say ‘quantity’) of the Pax Era vape is probably it’s only downside, but this is totally expected given its price compared to the Pax 2 and Pax 3. PAX Era Pods Strain Specific | Leafly I diggin my Pax Era vape!!! I realized at the amazingly low price that it's a "give them the razors, then sell them the blades!" marking plan, but the 1/2 gram cartridges are not as expensive as i

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Description Buy Jetty Extracts PAX Era Pod Online Hand-Crafted Oil for High-End Hardware. The Jetty Master Extractors love working with what’s in season to create artisanal strains exclusive to the Era Pod (for use with the Pax Era Oil Vaporizer) lineup. PAX Era Pods - Jetty Strain-Specific Gold Oil with Cannabis Cannatonic CBD smells earthy, tastes woody, and keeps you rooted. It's made with real cannabis terpenes and whole-plant CBD for therapeutic benefits associated with Cannabidiol, minus the mind-bending head high. Every batch has a dominant ratio of CBD to THC. .5G gold cannabis oil for PAX Era. PAX Era Vaporizer Review – A Radical Approach to Vaping Pax Era Pods are pods that go with the Pax ERA oil Vaporizer and do not fit other weed pens. They hold CBD, Hybrid, Indica or Sativa oil (a marijuana-infused e-juice), and they are made from food-grade polycarbonates to ensure consumer safety. They are available in several strengths, strains, and flavors depending on the desired effect. PAX Era Vaporizer [Review] - Vape Pen - Cannabis Vape Reviews