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KHUS INSTITUT FÜR KOSMETIK. Ernteweg 44 – 56743 Mendig. Tel.: 02652-9580220. Email: silke-kalenborn@t-online.de Khus + Khus Archives - Wisdom CBD helichrysum + blue tansy + blue yarrow marula + borage + baobab Skin Conditions: Dry, inflamed, red, irritated, normal, combination, sensitive, eczema, anti-aging, acne, oily, stretch marks. Botanical Therapeutic Actions: In the serum version of BLEU we’ve used helichrysum in place of Monoi de Tahiti. No worries, because it’s a replacement for a plethora of medicinal modalities that could Khus - Khus SEN Hydrolat | Botanica-cbd Sen Hydrolat can be combined with face serums to assist in blending. Use throughout day + night to calm the nervous system, perfume the body + hydrate skin.ruh khus + somalian frankincense + wild french lavenderSkin Concern: acne, eczema, mature, dry skin, fine lines, pigmentationBotanical Therapeutic Action: This hydrolat is fantastic on the skin, mist over face and let it air dry your skin Khus - Khus The Face Serums Sampler Pack | Botanica-cbd Sample size of each of Khus-Khus's 5 fabulous pure botanical face serums. 10 ml bottle of Blossom, The Roses, Sans Age, Detox and SEN Face Serum with cbd. A perfect gift

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KHUS INSTITUT FÜR KOSMETIK — KHUS – K örper H aut U nd S eele . ist ein Ort an dem Du willkommen bist, für Dein individuelles SPA Erlebnis. Fernab von To-Do Listen und Hektik. Genieße die Ruhe, fühle Dich wohl, stärke Dich, es ist Zeit für Dich. KHUS Institut für Kosmetik | Silke Kalenborn KHUS – K örper H aut U nd S eele. ist ein Ort, an dem Du willkommen bist ♥. Für dein individuelles, einzigartiges Schönheits-Treatment. Genieße Dein persönliches SPA Erlebnis. Finde die Ruhe, fühle Dich wohl, stärke Dich, es ist Zeit für Dich, Dein KHUS Buy Khus + Khus Copious CBD Body Serum Online | Fleur Marché Shop Khus + Khus Copious CBD Body Serum online. This CBD serum gives the body the ability to manage pain & inflammation while providing a highly relaxing effect. SEN face serum - khus-khus.com I loved it but knew I needed something more to hydrate, balance my face and add moisture. I tried another CBD serum before Sen, which helped me fall in love with CBD skincare but Sen is the perfect CBD and balancing serum to make your skin glowy and calm. Thanks Khus + Khus for making the perfect serum upgrade!

Vendor: Khus + Khus. Regular 50ml/ 125mg CBD Ingredients This company does not sell or distribute any products containing THC and its derivatives.

CBD TRAVEL COMPANION – Heavens Please A modern travel companion for 21st-century living. Herbalist rules 101: keep your herbs close to you at all times for optimal results, especially while traveling. For best results use on a plane to inhale plant compounds instead of everything else. Provide your cells with a veil of plants while on the move What’s in t NUI COSMETICS - Pressed Eye Shadow - KHUS Institut für Kosmetik › Veganer und 100% natürlicher Pressed Eyeshadow. Die hochpigmentierte und samtweiche Formel lässt sich leicht aufbauen und verblenden. Khus + Khus Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Wisdom CBD

Khus+Khus. SHOP ALL SERUMS. CBD most often comes in oil form, so it makes sense that many of the skin-care products that use the ingredient are oils and 

28 Feb 2019 Bestselling products: Mineral Maison Body Balm, Khus + Khus Rasa Restorative Potion, Vertly Peppermint CBD Lip Butter, Standard Dose  20 Apr 2018 According to Kristi Blustein, the founder of Colorado-based luxury skincare line Khus + Khus, pure CBD oil contains around 470 organic  25 Oct 2017 A range of TheraJoy's body products. TheraJoy, Khus + Khus, CBD for Life and Herb Essntls, have all made a name for themselves by openly  3 Jul 2019 We've tried several beauty products with CBD and hemp-derived The hemp oil gives Kush mascara both its hydrating component and  23 CBD Beauty Products to Achieve Your Best Self-Care During Planning. These are the Khus + Khus Sen Face Serum, $80, Khus-Khus.com. Kushed CBD  When it comes to beauty and skincare, CBD products can give you that Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara - Our Favorite CBD-Infused Beauty Products